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Biomet Hip Replacement Post-Settlement Funding

If you are an attorney litigating Biomet hip replacement lawsuits, you are aware that even after a settlement, it can take many months, even a year or more, before you actually receive payment of your hard earned legal fees.

RD Legal Funding works exclusively with plaintiffs' attorneys and their clients to provide post-settlement advances on delayed fees/awards. Once we receive your application and necessary documentation, we can provide funding within a few days. We are in a unique position to provide fast access to your money to help bridge the gap while allowing you to grow and maintain your practice.About Biomet Hip Replacement Litigation Biomet manufactures technological treatments for patients with arthritis and other joint and spine related ailments. Its motto – “One Surgeon. One Patient.” – emphasizes the company’s goal of creating treatments that would reduce hospital inefficiencies and generally improving the life of the patient through innovative design. Unfortunately for Biomet, some of these innovative designs have failed to improve the lives of patients, and in some cases, these designs have only worsened the patients’ plight.

Among its many products, one of Biomet’s hip joint replacement devices has been causing problems for numerous patients. Dozens of lawsuits, recently consolidated into a single multi-district litigation (MDL) case, claim that the M2a Magnum hip joint replacement product has caused serious injury or pain to those who used this treatment.

The M2a Magnum is a metal-on-metal hip joint replacement, intended to create a “new, smoothly functioning joint that replaces painful bone-on-bone contact”. The product, if properly functioning, would replace any damaged bone and cartilage from the thighbone and hip socket. It is advertised to reduce wear (as compared to the traditional hip joint replacement option, which involves metal-on-plastic rather than metal-on-metal), provide greater stability, and maximize range of motion.

Allegedly, the metal-on-metal construction of the M2a Magnum has been the root of a series of problems. Presumably, these problems stem from a design defect which causes the product to degrade more quickly than it should. Moreover, the metals used in the construction of the product may be causing metal poisoning. Studies have shown that patients with the M2a Magnum and other metal-on-metal hip joint replacement devices tend to have elevated cobalt levels, which can cause metallosis.

Other problems associated with the M2a Magnum include optic nerve damage, convulsions, tinnitus, hypothyroidism, and blindness, among other difficulties.

Biomet’s M2a Magnum is one of many hip replacement products facing scrutiny from the FDA and facing numerous lawsuits. As of yet, the M2a Magnum has not been subject to a recall, but an FDA panel convened in June, 2012, suggested caution in using these products, and many attendees expressed skepticism towards using the product in general. Panel members believe that there is little reason, if any, to use a metal-on-metal hip implant.
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