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Traditional financial institutions struggle to understand the complexities, duration and unpredictability of the litigation process. As a result, they often fail to meet the financial needs of the legal industry.

In 1998, Roni Dersovitz established RD Legal Funding with the goal of helping plaintiffs and law firms manage their erratic cash flows so they can focus on what they do best – pursue and litigate their cases.

An early pioneer in the now well-established world of litigation finance, the firm initially focused on post-settlement financing for plaintiffs and firms awaiting court orders or approvals. It quickly grew and began offering other forms of financing to lawyers, including advancing workers’ compensation fees, fees due to court-appointed counsel, fees due to counsel arising from mass tort settlements and class counsel fees, among others. Today, we can also advance funds to purchase portions of corporate plaintiff settlements, awards or judgments as well as fees due to other litigation professionals.

Our proudest funding advance involved the purchase of judgment receivables belonging to the survivors and family members of the 1983 bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut. After finding more than $4 billion in Iranian currency illegally deposited or laundered at two large financial institutions, a U.S. federal court turned over half of the amount to the bombing’s survivors and family members. RD Legal assisted these plaintiffs financially and purchased their judgment receivables  as they awaited the court’s action.

At our core, we identify complex litigation and assist plaintiffs, attorneys, administrators and other litigation professionals in finding ways to meet their cash flow needs. For plaintiffs, their counsel and other litigation professionals, our fee acceleration solutions offer an attractive alternative to banks and other lenders. Those financial institutions often fail to grasp the complexities of the litigation process, its risks and duration.  As a result, traditional lenders cannot meet the financing needs of the litigation industry.

Always looking ahead, RD Legal looks forward to continuing and upholding its standing as a cutting-edge innovator and trusted partner of the legal industry.

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Creative Financial Solutions

Our firm maintains its long-standing commitment to the legal community in ever-evolving ways. Our deep experience allows us to develop sophisticated financing solutions for virtually every facet of the litigation chain, allowing us to accelerate the awards and/or fees due to plaintiffs, attorneys, claims administrators, accountants and lien resolution agents.