Legal Funding Solutions for Lawyers, Firms and Plaintiffs

RD Legal's proprietary litigation financing solutions convert cases with settlements, awards and judgments into cash. No more waiting for slow-paying defendants, administrative delays or court approvals.

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A Heritage of Innovation and Service

A pioneer of litigation finance, RD Legal has provided financial support to plaintiffs, their lawyers and other legal professionals for more than 25 years. Thinking outside the box and providing clients with creative financial solutions is our core specialty.

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Creative Litigation Finance Solutions

Our firm maintains its long-standing commitment to the legal community in ever-evolving ways. Our deep experience allows us to develop sophisticated legal funding solutions for virtually every facet of the litigation chain. As a result, we can accelerate the awards and/or fees due to plaintiffs, attorneys, claims administrators, accountants and lien resolution agents.

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Offering Unique Capabilities

RD Legal Funding finances lawyers and a wide range of legal professionals with payable awards or fees from settlements or judgments. Among other unique forms of financing, we have advanced funds to medical lien resolution agents, victims of terrorism and their counsel and offered multi-million-dollar credit facilities to settlement trusts.

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