Recent Articles About Third Party Litigation Funding

date: 06/04/2012

Professor Maya Steinitz recently published two articles about litigation funding. The first one, entitled Whose Claim Is this Anyway? Third-Party Litigation Funding was published in the Minnesota Law Review. This 71 page article goes into great depth about 3rd party litigation funding, including global economic market forces propelling the rise of litigation finance and regulation of the litigation finance industry.

On May 2nd, 2012, Maya published The Litigation Finance Contract in the William & Mary Law Review. This article compares the similarities of litigation funding and venture capital.

Professor Maya Steinitz teaches international law and civil procedure at the University of Iowa.  She has also been a lecturer at the Columbia Law School and clerked for Israeli Supreme Court Justice Ester Hayut. Professor Steinitz has held several attorney positions in the private sector.

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