It’s All About Strategic Timing: Post-Settlement Funding Eliminates Payment Delays and Gives You Back Valuable Time to Grow Your Business

No one likes a courtroom battle. The stress associated with litigating and getting what’s rightfully due to you and/or your client, whether it be a settlement, judgment, or plaintiff’s verdict can be daunting. What makes it even worse is having to wait for payment until after a lengthy court approval and distribution process, or an appeal.

For many settlements, especially those involving complex litigations, it may take several years to get paid. It is at this pivotal point, when a settlement has finally been negotiated, but before a court authorizes its distribution, that securing an advance on payouts can give you the financial arsenal you need to continue to grow your business. RD Legal Funding can help bridge the gap between negotiating a settlement, obtaining a judgment, and collecting those hard-earned dollars. RD Legal’s Post Settlement Funding enables plaintiffs, their counsel, and other litigation related professionals (i.e., court appointed administrators, accountants) to accelerate their settlement funding and gain the flexibility and strategic advantage to establish a winning post- litigation gameplan for growth, helping keep your business solvent.

Firms like Roni Dersovitz’s RD Legal takes on the risk of time and payment so you don’t have to when a settlement has been reached but payment has not been distributed. RD Legal can finance settlements, awards, or judgments up to $20 million and sometimes lager, enabling you to focus on winning your cases.

Helping You Financially When It Matters Most

For the recipient, post-settlement payments can provide a much-needed source of additional income or financial stability. In short, an advance on a post-settlement payment allows individuals and small businesses to obtain the working capital at the right time, when it is needed most, so they can continue growing their operations. For individuals, this helps them deal with current expenses without the fear of going into debt. There is no more waiting for slow paying defendants, administrative delays, or court approvals.

We can advance money as early or late as this stage, prior to final court approval, and even if there are pending appeals. The amount of cash a plaintiff receives in advance as a legal payment against the settlement will be paid back from the settlement amount. An advance payment on a settlement is not a loan. You don’t have monthly or other interim payments to make. In short, this working capital affords you the peace of mind to continue focusing on your business and not the courtroom.

Choosing a Reputable Firm to Work with is Key

Roni Dersovitz established RD Legal Funding to ensure you have the right partner on your side of the bench. RD Legal can accommodate the litigation financing needs of clients, their counsel and supporting vendors. Its core emphasis centers on larger, complex cases that typically have significant post-settlement payment, administrative, or appeals delays. At its core, RD Legal identifies complex litigation and assist plaintiffs, attorneys, administrators, and other professionals in finding ways to meet their cash flow needs.

Other financial institutions often fail to grasp the complexities of the litigation process, its risks and duration. RD Legal doesn’t, as its fee acceleration solutions offer an attractive alternative to banks and other lenders.

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