RD Legal Funding, LLC's Fees Acceleration Product Helps Plaintiffs And Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Cash In Now

Cresskill, NJ: For 19 years, RD Legal Funding, LLC (“RD Legal”) has been helping plaintiffs and their attorneys access capital through their Fee Acceleration product and they are reaffirming their commitment to both communities. RD Legal has provided and will continue to provide assistance to plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys experiencing payment delays on their settled cases. For plaintiffs’ attorneys that funding can be used for a variety of reasons, including reinvesting in their practice, advertising for new cases, continued financing on existing cases, or expanding their office. For plaintiffs, our funding can be used for a variety of reasons including personal and medical expenses. RD Legal’s Fee Acceleration product was designed by the founder of RD Legal Funding, Roni Dersovitz. As a former litigator, Dersovitz intimately understood the problems plaintiffs’ attorneys and their clients have or can deal with while practicing and intuitively designed the product to their advantage.

“Plaintiffs’ attorneys only survive by a steady cash flow, so when their fees are delayed it can become detrimental to them. I want to see the attorney cash in,” says Dersovitz. “After a settlement is reached plaintiffs may have to wait an extended period of time before they receive compensation, we are able to help them as well.”

A majority of companies in the lawsuit funding space are focused on commercial litigation or pre-settlement funding. RD Legal is an originator of post-settlement funding and remains solely dedicated to it today. With decades of experience working with a variety of cases, they can operate without the restrictions that newer and less experienced companies can sometimes have. “Many of the companies in the legal funding space can only provide small dollars to a plaintiff or plaintiffs’ attorney who typically needs more than what they can offer. That isn’t a problem at RD Legal, our starting point is $20,000 and it can go over $20 million,” says Dersovitz.

For any plaintiffs or plaintiffs’ attorneys looking for funding on their settled case, RD Legal is ready to provide it through their Fee Acceleration product. To find out more information, please contact RD Legal at 800-565-5177 and speak to one of their legal funding representatives. Plaintiffs’ attorneys and their clients interested in settled case funding can also fill out the application on RD Legal’s website,

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