RD Legal Funding Is Named Best Law Firm Funding Provider By The National Law Journal

Cresskill, NJ: In The National Law Journal’s 2014 2nd Annual Best of Chicago issue, RD Legal Funding, LLC (“RD Legal”) was named the top Law Firm Funding Provider. Readers of The National Law Journal voted on the different categories and ranked who came in first, second, and third place for each. Categories like Business Bank, Attorney Escrow Service, Litigation Funding Provider, Law Firm Funding Provider, and Litigation Valuation Provider were just some of the categories that were voted on. Only those in the Chicago legal community were able to vote. In total over 450 businesses were listed on the ballot with 120 businesses receiving write-ins.

Joseph Genovesi, President of RD Legal, said “It’s an honor that we were chosen as the top Law Firm Funding Provider by the readers of The National Law Journal and the Chicago legal community. For over 16 years, we have provided funding to attorneys for their practices and have strived to bring great service to our customers.”

RD Legal provides post-settlement funding to attorneys through their Fee Acceleration product. Since 1998, the company has helped attorneys claim their delayed settled case fees so they can pursue new cases, advertise their law firm, or add partners with complementary skills to the firm. According to Genovesi, “RD Legal winning this award goes a long way towards separating us from the competition.”

Since the early 1990s, law firm funding has been a viable alternative for attorneys who needed financing. Traditional options like banks and credit unions are sometimes not able to provide funding and have a difficult time valuing attorney case portfolios. Already popular in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, law firm funding has become a very competitive industry in the United States. Many companies are active with many others emerging within the space. In recent years, such financing has grown in popularity and will continue to gain prominence among many in the legal community.

RD Legal is able to provide funding to attorneys in all 50 states and territories like Puerto Rico. Through their Fee Acceleration product, RD Legal is able to expedite a portion of delayed fees so attorneys can use those funds to reinvest in their practice. If you have a settled case and would like to claim a portion of the fee, visit and fill out our brief application. You can also call 800-565-5177, ext. 140 and ask to speak with Mr. Genovesi.

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