RD Legal Funding Can Fast-Track Payment of NFL Concussion Plaintiff Awards and Attorney Fees

Cresskill, NJ:  Former National Football League players reached a settlement with the NFL over the concussion issue. While appeals to the settlement work their way through the courts, compensation due to those players will be delayed. In addition, assembling and evaluating the players will also delay payment of NFL awards. In response to these numerous delays, RD Legal Funding is ready to advance a portion of the awards plaintiffs are expecting to receive from the NFL.

Roni Dersovitz, Founder of RD Legal Funding, says “As Super Bowl 50 gets closer and excitement builds, it’s important to remember the NFL athletes of yesteryear need help while they await their compensation. These players suffer from head injuries incurred during their playing years without knowledge of the consequences and without the proper safety precautions.”

The NFL’s Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sports related event in the United States of America. As Super Bowl 50 approaches, the world will be paying attention to everything leading up the big game. That includes the settlement former NFL players reached with the league over the concussion issue. During the lead up to the Super Bowl, these players will be honored and thanked for paving the way for the athletes for today. After the game, they will have to continue to deal with the problems playing in the NFL brought them. The plight of former NFL players has even reached Hollywood. In the movie Concussion, Will Smith played Dr. Bennet Omalu, who found and publicized what is now known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. Many of the NFL’s former players suffer with this disease.

On April 2015, United States District Judge Anita Brody gave final approval of the settlement reached between the National Football League (NFL) and the plaintiffs from the NFL Concussion lawsuit. Since then, appeals to the settlement have been filed and have to be heard. In addition, logistically, the process of gathering, evaluating, and compensating the players will take months or years. In addition to the plaintiffs, their attorneys will also face payment delays of their fees. RD Legal is also able to advance a portion of the fees plaintiffs’ attorneys are expecting to receive from the NFL Concussion settlement.

For any plaintiff looking for an advance on their NFL Concussion award or attorney looking for an advance on their NFL Concussion attorney fee, RD Legal is ready to provide funding through their Fee Acceleration product. To find out more information about the Fee Acceleration product and how the NFL Fee or Award Please contact RD Legal at 800-565-5177. They can also fill out the application on RD Legal’s website,

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