RD Legal Funding Builds a Case for Social Media

RD Legal Funding, LLC ("RD Legal"), recognized as the nation’s leader in providing post settlement funding solutions to the legal industry, is harnessing the powers of social media with the help of One Social Media.

With a niche for superior litigation legal funding service, RD Legal delivers reliable rates, straightforward terms, and a manageable application process. They also provide their clients with knowledgable guidance for effective cash flow management. With RD Legal's unique philosophy for educating clients, combined with their competitive fees, social media has become a beneficial addition to the mix.

"Social media is obviously a trend that's not going anywhere and can no longer be ignored,” said Joe Genovesi, Senior Vice President of New Business Development at RD Legal. “Just like it was standard to have a webpage ten years ago, it is now imperative for companies to have a social media presence if they want to be taken seriously."

Determined to immerse themselves into the social media world, executives at RD Legal are hoping to funnel their exceptional legal financing expertise into a valuable online resource for clients.

“There are businesses out there that will provide you with exactly what you ask for, and then there are businesses like RD Legal who are willing to take it a step further with their passion and exceptional customer service. That ethic is a winning strategy for social media,” said Joe Soto, One Social Media founder and CEO.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their blog are new communication portals which the legal funding company is using to connect with its clientele.

You can follow RD Legal Funding online by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or company blog.

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