Financing Settled Cases: RD Legal Expands Funding to Plaintiffs

Plaintiffs in virtually any type of settled legal case can now receive their settlement funds with no delays.  RD Legal Funding, LLC (“RD Legal Funding”), a New Jersey-based legal funding company, now provides financing on settled cases to plaintiffs.

According to Joseph Genovesi, Senior Vice President of New Business Development at RD Legal Funding, “once a plaintiff has won their case, it can still take many months, or longer, before they actually receive the award they are due through the courts. We see this as an opportunity to help plaintiffs by eliminating that extended waiting period. In addition, plaintiff post-settlement funding is a natural extension of our current business model.”

Founded in 1997, RD Legal Funding has established itself as one of the nation’s leading providers of litigation funding to attorneys.

RD Legal Funding has already provided a total of over $580,000 in post-settlement funding to four plaintiffs from a major mass tort lawsuit. The company can provide funding for virtually any type of settled case, including personal injury, class action, medical malpractice, negligence, product liability, wage and hour disputes, wrongful death, infant injuries, court appointed fees, and employment discrimination.

The application process for plaintiffs is quick and easy. Funds can be provided within a week of RD Legal Funding receiving all required documents. There are no application fees or any kind of hidden fees associated with obtaining financing from RD Legal Funding. Plus they have the resources to fully fund settlements of all sizes, from $20,000 all the way up to $20 million.

“We have always offered our clients a completely transparent process,” explained Founder and CEO Roni Dersovitz, Esq. “Our rates are very competitive and everything is explained upfront. Nothing is hidden and there are no surprises. With some companies that provide pre-settlement funding, that’s not the case. We specialize in post-settlement funding and do it better than anyone else in the country.”

To speak to a plaintiff financing expert, call RD Legal Funding toll-free at 1-800-565-5177. Or you can visit their website for more information at

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