Lawsuit Funding Solutions from RD Legal Funding

Our Company is Well Positioned to Deliver the Funding that Litigation Attorneys Need

Plaintiff’s attorneys seeking litigation funding face unique challenges. Due to the ongoing credit crisis, numerous sources of lawsuit funding have withered. Further, many lawsuit funding companies that are still in business have fortified their standards, making it almost impossible to obtain litigation funding.

We offer a simple solution . . . .

RD Legal Funding, a New Jersey-based company  specializing in post-settlement legal funding and attorney cash  management services, is well positioned to provide your law firm with lawsuit funding solutions.

“We have ample funds available, and innovative,  affordable litigation funding solutions,” said Roni Dersovitz, Esq.,  founder and CEO of RD Legal Funding. “Lawsuit funding has been our  specialty since 1997. Plaintiff's attorneys can rely on us for stable,  competitive rates, a fast, hassle-free application process, and  litigation funding with no points or upfront expenses.”

RD Legal Funding offers two popular lawsuit funding solutions:

Fee Acceleration, our proprietary form of litigation funding converts settled cases into immediate cash.  Attorneys no longer need to wait for slow-paying defendants,  administrative delays, or court approvals of fee distributions. RD Legal  Funding has the financial resources to fund legal fees up to $20  million and beyond. Litigation funding via Fee Acceleration is available  for virtually any type of case, including but not limited to securities  class actions, mass torts, personal injury, negligence, medical  malpractice, and product liability.

An Attorney’s Line of Credit  provides the financial flexibility law firms need to maximize cash flow  and capitalize on growth opportunities. A line of credit is available  for any purpose at any time. Unlike banks and many  competitors, RD Legal Funding is able to deliver the full credit line  you need-from $500,000 to $10 million or more. Interest accrues only on  outstanding balances.

“The secret of success for today’s fastest-growing law practices is not case management, but cash management,”  said Mr. Dersovitz. “Lawsuit funding is the smartest tool that  plaintiff’s attorneys can use to build their practice. RD Legal Funding  has the financial stability to meet our clients’ needs for litigation  funding today and well into the future.”

For more information about lawsuit funding solutions for your practice, please fill out the brief application at the top of this page, or call us at (800) 565-5177.

Written by David Smethie, Deal Origination Manager at RD Legal Funding, LLC.
Copyright 2011 by RD Legal Funding, LLC

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