RD Legal Funding’s Joseph Genovesi to be Honored at FealGood Foundation “Courage, Honor & Sacrifice Gala”

Cresskill, NJ: Joseph Genovesi, President of RD Legal Funding, LLC (“RD Legal”), is being honored as “Friend of the FealGood Foundation” at the September 5th Courage, Honor and Sacrifice Gala. Mr. Genovesi has had a relationship with the FealGood Foundation (FGF) since 2011, when he first spoke to FGF founder John Feal about the legal and medical difficulties faced by 9/11 First Responders. For the past two years, RD Legal has fostered a close relationship with the FealGood Foundation and has been sensitive to the difficulties faced by many First Responders. Unlike many post-settlement funding firms, RD Legal is one of the few groups to advance funds to First Responders with Zadroga claims.

FGF, founded by John Feal, serves as a support center for First Responders who have suffered in any way as a result of their work at Ground Zero. FGF also provides support for all the emergency personnel who were present at the World Trade Center. One of the ways that FGF supports First Responders and other emergency personnel is by assisting these people in receiving settlement awards from lawsuits following the 9/11 attacks and receiving all available health benefits.

John Feal and the FGF have endorsed Joe Genovesi and RD Legal for the services that have been provided to First Responders who needed accelerated access to settlement awards. RD Legal can provide cash advances on the Zadroga claims, which can provide First Responders with immediate relief instead of having to wait until 2016 or 2017 when the remainder of the settlement award is due to be paid out. For more information about Zadroga payment delays, please see the Victim Compensation Fund Website.

Joe Genovesi and RD Legal have participated in many events to support the FGF and help First Responders gain access to settlement funds. In February, 2013, RD Legal sponsored a comedy fundraiser on behalf of the FGF to help raise money for First Responders and to advocate for issues affecting the First Responders community. In March, 2013, RD Legal donated $10,000 to FGF.

Along with his work with the FealGood Foundation, Joe Genovesi also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of NJ. He has been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for 13 years, and was recently honored with the position of board member.

Mr. Genovesi has been working with RD Legal since 2011 as Senior Vice President of New Business Development and Origination and was recently promoted to President. RD Legal, based in Cresskill, New Jersey, offers post-settlement funding solutions to plaintiffs and attorneys. RD Legal has branch offices in Riverside, CA and New York, NY.

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