BP Claim? Cash Out Program Now Available!

In response to many client requests, IT Strategies Group, the creators of OilClaim Calculator, went to dozens of finance companies and found only one that carved out a special BP Claim Cash Out program. RD Legal Funding can purchase an entire claim portfolio as long as the claims are filed through an attorney portal. They have already helped many clients involved with BP claims and have the knowledge and experience to get you into money and get you out of any BP related headaches.  
Based on previous transactions, the entire process usually takes less than 30 days to complete the evaluation, review claims, and wire transfer the proceeds. 
Why Consider the BP Claim Cash Out Program?
Previously, the only option on the table for claims preparers was to "keep their chips in the pot" and patiently wait. There are new requirements as part of Policy 495 that require re-calculations of every single claim, adding a new element of challenge to the process. Some BP claims are reduced in size. Some BP claims are no longer valid for a reward at all. Plus, every claim now requires complex reconciliations of book-to-tax gross and net incomes before consideration of any deficiencies for Matching Criteria Tests and Matching Resolutions.
The BP Claims Cash Out program is a great option:

  • For claims preparers who want to finally remove all the uncertainty around BP
  • For firms whose core focus is on accounting services other than BP and can’t afford to spend any more time on this complicated procedure
  • For any firm not inclined to review claims under Policy 495

For more information on OilClaim Calculator, go to or feel free to call 954-271-1264. RD Legal Funding can be found on the web at and by calling 1-800-565-5177.
*This is not an offer of funding and ITSG is not a finance company, nor does ITSG provide financial services.

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