We can play a pivotal role in your firm's Talcum Powder settlements

RD Legal Funding has been financing attorneys and advancing Legal Fees for over twenty years. If you would like to discuss how accelerating future Legal Fees would benefit your firm, kindly submit your contact details and a representative from RD Legal will contact you.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Immediate Access: Get the funds you need without the wait, ensuring steady cash flow
for your firm.

2. Risk-Free: Eliminate the stress of late or non-payment by transferring the collection risk
to us.

3. Tailored to You: Our solutions are customized to meet your specific financial needs and

Take control of your post-settlement legal fees funds and experience the benefits of partnering with RD Legal Funding.

what we do

Innovative financing solutions that bridge the gap between settlements and payment realization

A pioneer in the world of litigation finance, RD Legal Funding specializes in alleviating the inconsistent cash flow inherent with time-consuming and complex litigation. For more than 25 years, our firm has provided financial support to plaintiffs, their lawyers and other legal professionals. Thinking outside the box and providing clients with creative financial solutions is our core specialty.

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How does RD Legal Help?

RD Legal specializes in offering plaintiffs, their counsel and other litigation professionals with financing for complex litigation that may incur significant payment delays. These payment delays can occur due to notice periods, necessary court approvals, intervening appeals or even bankruptcies. Why wait to receive hard-earned fees or awards? If you need the cash now to pay for current overhead costs, existing or new marketing campaigns or case development expenses, apply here.

Advance funding of fees and awards benefit the legal community by enabling plaintiffs, their counsel and other professionals to meet current expenditures and plan growth rationally. The firm offers solutions primarily in two key areas:

Post-Settlement, Award and Judgment Financing

RD Legal’s post-settlement, award or judgment financing provides lawyers and other litigation professionals with immediate access to their hard-earned capital. There is no need to wait for notice periods, necessary court approvals, intervening appeals or even bankruptcies. Apply Here.

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Credit Facilities

RD Legal also extends credit to law firms and other litigation-based professionals. These facilities can help bridge a law firm’s monthly recurring expenses with the fee income they receive from settlement distributions. Allow us to help your firm manage its unpredictable cash flow with our credit facilities.  Apply Here.

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RD Legal can accommodate the litigation financing needs of litigants, their counsel and supporting vendors. Our core emphasis centers on larger, complex cases that typically have significant post-settlement payment delays, administrative delays or appeals.


Make the Win Against the Opioid Crisis Count, Today

Read more about the historic payout agreement of more than $8.3 billion for damages — one of the largest payouts in U.S. history

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expedite Disbursements

RD Legal Funding can help blunt the financial impact of the opioid epidemic by financing litigation and expediting disbursements

We can provide significant operating capital and cash flow to the states, local municipalities and legal representation awaiting full settlement distributions – helping accelerate the recovery process.

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