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St. Jude Defibrillator Lawsuit

RD Legal Funding is offering post-settlement advances to plaintiff’s attorneys and their clientele with St. Jude Riata defibrillator lead lawsuits. With complex litigation, it can often take months, or even years, to receive compensation, even after a case settles. Our Fee Acceleration program provides a solution to this delay in payout.St. Jude Riata Lead RecallSt. Jude Medical Inc. manufactured the Riata and Riata ST, which were intended to connect to an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and monitor heart rhythms. These devices are supposed to detect potentially life threatening irregularities in heart rhythms, and release an electric shock in case of a dangerously irregular rhythm.

St. Jude stopped manufacturing and selling Riata in 2010, and was forced to recall the Riata and Riata ST in 2011 because these devices were prone to insulation failure, which occurs when the insulation around the electrical conductor wires erodes. The recall was classified under Class I criteria, which is the most serious possible allegation. At the time of recall, St. Jude had sold almost 230,000 devices worldwide, and 79,000 Riata devices remained implanted in patients within the United States.

Insulation failures can lead to malfunctions, such as the inability to deliver the lifesaving shocks that the device is meant to give, or, conversely, it can unintentionally electrocute patients. As of March, 2012, 22 deaths have been linked to Riata failure.Financial Solutions from RD Legal FundingRD Legal Funding is positioned to help both attorneys and plaintiffs with slow-paying settlements accelerate receipt of their fee/award via their proprietary Fee Acceleration program. If you have a settled St. Jude Riata lead lawsuit that has yet to pay out, please contact t of RD Legal Funding, at 201-568-9007. If you’re ready to begin the application process, please fill out the quick form at the top of this page.

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