Eligible Cases

Indigent Defense Attorney Fee Funding

As state, federal and local budgets get cut and sequestration sets in, many public defenders may find themselves waiting for payment on attorney fees. For the foreseeable future, Congress will be in gridlock and that may mean more budget issues at all levels. This may further harm your ability to collect a fee. RD Legal Funding recognizes this setback, and is able to provide advanced funding on cases where public defender attorney fees are delayed.

The sixth Amendment guarantees the rights of those accused to have free representation by effective assistance of counsel. Thus, An Indigent Defense Attorney, also known as a Public Defender, will be hired when the accused does not have the funds to hire an attorney to litigate on his or her behalf. Indigent Defense/Public Defense attorneys are government employees with salaries and cannot afford to have their funds cut or delayed for an extended amount of time. The budgets for them are dependent on federal, state or local funding levels.Many states provide funding for public defenders through government funding. The budget for that office is usually dependent on the state of the economy in whichever state the attorney practices. The worse the financial situation is in that state, the lower the budget for public defenders will be. Public Defender offices are known to have their budgets cut in times of economic stress, which puts P.D.s in a tough bind because they need those funds to live and provide for their families.

Indigent Defense/Public Defense attorneys waiting on their attorney fees should contact RD Legal Funding which is positioned to provide immediate post-settlement financing. To start accelerating your legal fees today, please fill out the brief online application located on this page. Or you can call RD Legal toll-free at 1-800-565-5177 to speak with one of our legal funding experts.