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Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Lawsuit Funding

Hydraulic Fracturing, more commonly referred to as “Fracking”, is the method by which gas companies extract natural gasses from the ground. This technique involves injecting highly pressurized liquid into the ground to fracture deep rock formations in order to make the gasses more accessible. Fracking is limited to areas with large shale formations, because technology exists for fracturing shale beds and extracting natural gasses. Fracking occurs in many states, including upstate New York, Texas, North Dakota, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.

While many in the energy industry have praised fracking as the innovation that will drive America’s “new energy revolution”, and many communities welcome the job opportunities that fracking provides, there are also those who live in areas where fracking takes place whose opinions are starkly different. Many who live in areas where fracking is prominent have experienced illness due to gas leaks, tainted water, and property damage, among other complaints.

High-profile plaintiff law firms including Napoli Bern, Parker Waichman, LLP and the Duncan Firm have filed suits on behalf of plaintiffs who they feel are victims of fracking contamination. Other, lesser known plaintiffs’ attorneys have begun marketing for clients who may have been negatively affected by this practice. Moreover, the multi-national law firm Norton Rose Fulbright recently released a detailed report titled “Analysis of Litigation Involving Shale & Hydraulic Fracturing”, which discusses and analyzes a number of individual plaintiff cases and United States Government cases that had been filed against fracking companies. Some of the plaintiffs referred to in these filings received millions of dollars in compensation, and the fracking companies were given penalties and had to pay violations for causing substantial damage to individuals and the environment. RD Legal Can Provide Post-Settlement Advances on Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) SettlementsAttorneys and plaintiffs who have been awarded a settlement from a hydraulic fracturing case but are facing a delay in payment are urged to contact RD Legal Funding. RD Legal is able to provide post-settlement lawsuit advances. To accelerate your fracking related legal fees or settlement award, please fill out the brief online application on this page. Or you can call RD Legal toll-free at 1-800-565-5177 to speak with a legal finance expert.

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