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Civil Rights Litigation Settlement Funding

If you are an attorney or plaintiff waiting for a settlement in a civil rights case, the time until you receive compensation could be months, if not years. Legal fees can be speedily advanced for settled cases by RD Legal Funding. Simply fill out the brief application to the right for a free consultation with one of our legal funding specialists. Or call 1-800-565-5177 today to speak with a Fee Acceleration expert.About Civil RightsCivil rights are the freedoms and privileges guaranteed to U.S. citizens by the Bill of Rights, 13th and 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and by subsequent acts of Congress. Civil rights are enforceable rights or privileges, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action of injury, according to the Legal Information Institute. Civil rights include:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of press
  • Freedom of assembly
  • Freedom of religion
  • Right to vote
  • Right to due process
  • Equal and fair treatment by law enforcement and the courts
  • Opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society such as equal access to public schools, recreation, transportation, public facilities, and housing
  • Freedom from involuntary servitude
  • Right to equality in public places
  • Statutes preventing discrimination on the base of race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin, and in some cases, sexual orientation.

Lawsuits for civil rights violations can be filed in federal or state court, however, depending on the nature of the violation, a claim or complaint must be filed with the appropriate federal or state agency before a private lawsuit can be filed. To prove a civil rights violation, the plaintiff must prove “by a preponderance of the evidence” that the defendant is legally responsible for the damages alleged by the plaintiff.Some pending civil rights cases include:Between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011, 2,241 civil rights claims were filed against the New York Police Department, costing the city $22 million in settlements. However the City refuses to settle the civil rights suits of the five men who were convicted and later exonerated in the 1989 Central Park jogger rape case. Each man is seeking $50 million in damages. The suits remain unresolved although it has been more than a decade since the convictions were vacated. A recent documentary film by Ken Burns and his daughter has brought renewed attention to the men’s cases.

In April 2013, a federal judge in Denver refused to dismiss two pending civil rights lawsuits filed against Bureau of Prisons’ officials accused of widespread abuse and neglect of mentally ill federal inmates at the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Both cases allege ADX-Florence violated the rights of mentally ill inmates to be free of “cruel and inhuman punishment” under the Eighth Amendment.Post-Settlement Advances from RD Legal FundingCivil rights litigation can languish in the courts for decades. Settlement financing may be a solution for cash-flow problems, both for the plaintiffs and their attorneys. Call 1-800-565-5177 to speak with a Fee Acceleration expert or fill out the brief application to the right to begin the application process.