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Bicycle Accidents Legal Funding

Every year, bicycling increases in popularity. Whether it’s due to the push for mass transit, the economic crunch, environmental concerns, or the pure enjoyment of biking, more and more people are pedaling to get around. Cities including New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago have active and vibrant bicycle communities, and these cities have responded to the surge of bikers by establishing bike lanes and enforcing stricter traffic laws. In New York City for example, Citi Bike, a bike sharing system, was introduced to promote bicycling and increase the number of riders. However, like any mode of transportation there are risks to riding bicycles. Bicycle accidents are common, and because of the renewed popularity of cycling, there is a potential for an increase in bicycle-related accidents.

There have been various news reports about lawsuits filed and settlements reached on incidents with bicycles. In 2014, the New York Daily News reported a person filed a $15 million lawsuit against New York City and Citi Bike claiming to have sustained nerve damage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a “Traffic Safety Fact Sheet” that detailed the number of fatalities attributed to cyclists from 2003-2012. The 2012 fatalities were higher than 2011. Some law firms have settled bicycle lawsuits for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The website BicycleLaw.com lists some legal issues cyclists will have to deal with if they are involved in an accident. The website also lists some safety issues cyclists should know about.RD Legal Can Provide Funding on Bicycle Accident SettlementsPlaintiffs and attorneys who have reached a settlement on their bicycle-related cases but whose payments or fees have been delayed are urged to contact RD Legal Funding for assistance. RD Legal is able to provide post-settlement funding. To accelerate your legal fees or settlement award, please fill out the brief online application on this page. You can also call RD Legal toll-free at 800-565-5177 to speak with one of our legal funding specialists.

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