Dr. Nikita Levy Class Action Settlement

In 2014, a settlement was reached between former patients of the late Dr. Nikita Levy and John Hopkins Hospital for $190 million. The result of a class action lawsuit was filed against the hospital due to the actions of its former OB/GYN. In February 2013, Dr. Levy was accused of violating his doctor-patient relationship when a co-worker revealed that the OB/GYN was using spyware to film his female patients while they were undergoing pelvic examinations.

After Dr. Levy was exposed, the police found over 1,000 photos and videos of undressed patients in the doctor’s hard drives and computers. It’s unknown as to how long Dr. Levy was filming videos and taking photos, but it has been made clear that it was without the consent of his patients. Beyond secretly filming his patients, Dr. Levy reportedly examined his patients without the supervision of a female employee, which is illegal for a male OB/GYN practitioner. He worked at John Hopkins Medicine Clinic in Baltimore, MD for 25 years.

Dr. Levy committed suicide two weeks after initially being investigated for sexual misconduct. While John Hopkins Hospital was unaware of Dr. Levy’s unethical practices, they denied any liability attached to the case. Though the hospital denied liability, they agreed to engage in settlement negotiations that would possibly settle the litigation for all of the class members involved in the lawsuit.

The award amount will be distributed to qualified claimants and to the Class Counsel representing all members. In order for claimants to be qualified, all must have registered by November 2014 with a valid claim against John Hopkins Hospital involving Dr. Nikita Levy. Those who did not register before November 2014 will not be able to join in the settlement.

9,600 claims were timely submitted to the court by the deadline in November 2014, but at least 2,000 claimants are still awaiting approval. The claims awaiting approval lack evidence that they were Dr. Levy’s patients during his practice at John Hopkins Medicine Clinic. While some claimants are awaiting approval, those that were approved are waiting to be assessed by Judge Irma S. Raker (Ret.) and RG/2 Claims Administration LLC for their claims.

Once all of the claimants have been contacted, and assessments are made, compensation will be processed to all with valid claims, and to the Class Counsel representing members of the class action suit. The award amount received by each claimant is still uncertain, though it will depend on the severity of each victim’s injury.

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