Sensa Weight Loss Settlement (Correa v. Sensa Products, LLC)

Sensa Weight Loss SettlementSensa Products, LLC and its parent company, Intelligent Beauty, Inc. reached a $900,000 settlement with consumers who filed a lawsuit against them for false advertising. Sensa and its parent company are to pay $800,000 to the federal government and $105,000 to California customers. The settlement only applies to those who purchased Sensa before August 21, 2012.

Sensa claimed using its products and programs will mean huge weight loss for its users. In their advertising, Sensa also claimed their findings were backed by reputable third parties, supported by the “largest clinical study” ever conducted (NBC Los Angeles). This specific claim about weight loss results being backed by the “largest clinical study” is what prompted the lawsuit.

Sensa Products, LLC is based in El Segundo, CA. Their weight loss product is meant to be sprinkled on food, just like salt or pepper. The purpose of using the product is to alert the body when it’s time to stop eating. According to the Sensa website, it’s supposed to trigger an “I feel full” signal, leading the person to eat less. Consuming fewer calories means they will lose more weight, and that would support Sensa’s claims. According to news sources, the only problem Sensa had was in its advertising materials claiming their studies were clinical when they were not.

According to an official website pertaining to the settlement, attorneys who represented the consumers are entitled to up to $3 million in costs and legal fees. To find out more information about the Correa v. Sensa Products, LLC settlement, visit

Written by Lulaine Compere.

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